Architectural Design Office

A home-like Airbnb apartment in Koukaki

Koukaki, Athens

This super cosy space was created based on the idea to bring a home-like feeling to the tenants of this Airbnb apartment, which is situated in one of the most touristic neighbourhoods in Athens. The challenge was to perfectly combine vintage furniture already set in the place for an apartment that is meant for tourists. 

Upcycling furniture, luminaires and old materials are one of our office’s main principles. Therefore the old furniture and vintage luminaires got a makeover and all the additional furniture were custom made to greatly match them. The ‘eikonostasi’ in particular, a local type of prayer furniture, was repurposed into a mirror. Together with the custom made drawers, they form a dressing table, making an ensemble with the 60-year-old closet.


client: private company
area: 45sqrm
completion: 2018
photos by: Poiein Piyi